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speakers for USLS 2017

The USLS has some of the world-renowned life coaches and motivational speakers that believe that all the young scholars have the wisdom and power within them to make their life what they want it to be. Our motivational speakers have gained international acclaim and recognition for their humanitarian work. Their inspirational stories of survival in the face of adversity and lost hope demonstrate the extraordinary strength of the human spirit. These humanitarians acknowledge the fact that there are people out there that have been failed by our systems, people whose rights have been violated, and deserve our help and compassion; their work and perseverance serve as inspiration to many. The following is a short summary of some of our unabashedly outspoken motivational speakers that deliver truly inspiring lectures.

Dr Lutfi Fadil Lokman
Founder, Hospital Beyond Boundaries
United Nations Young Leader - Malaysia

Dr Lutfi Fadil Lokman is a 28-year-old medical doctor and Health Economics researcher at the Malaysia Institute of Health Systems Research (IHSR).

In 2012, he founded Hospitals Beyond Boundaries (HBB), where he currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer. HBB is a non-profit organization that builds clinics and hospitals in impoverished communities in South East Asia. HBB’s first clinic was established in Phnom Penh, providing healthcare accessibility to more than 3000 families from the marginalized Cham ethnic minority of Cambodia.

The healthcare facilities are run as social enterprises by the local youth population, who are trained and employed as community health workers working alongside doctors, nurses and health professionals. Since its establishment, Hospitals Beyond Boundaries has trained and served more than 3,000 young people.

Dr.Lutfi’s work was recently acknowledged by the United Nations which recognized him as one of 17 individuals, from a list of 18,000 people from 186 countries, who is inducted into the group of advocates for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Formerly an intern at the World Health Organization (WHO) in Switzerland, Dr. Lutfi’s main interest lies in the field of health economics, intercalating between prescribing medications to individual patients and prescribing sustainable health systems to impoverished communities.
Ryan Hreljac
Founder, Ryan’s Well Foundation

While only six year old, Ryan Hreljac was inspired to take action as a grade one student when he learned of the devastating consequences of people without access to safe drinking water. He was determined to provide help and he succeeded in rallying his community to help him raise the funds needed to build one well in Uganda, Africa. That one well has changed his life and many lives in Africa.

Ryan Hreljac, who is only 25 years old, is a busy ‘diplomat’. He has laid a wreath with Prince Charles, dined with Prince Edward at Buckingham Palace, attended a church service with Queen Elizabeth, appeared a number of times on the Oprah Winfrey Show, collaborated with Dr. Jane Goodall and received communion from the late Pope John Paul II. His organization, Ryan’s Well Foundation, has helped raise millions of dollars to bring clean water to more than 850,000 people in sixteen developing countries around the world.

Ryan has received numerous awards including the Order of Ontario, the Canadian Meritorious Service Medal, the Top 20 under 20 Youth Award, and World of Children’s Founder Award. Ryan’s work has also been featured in dozens of textbooks and hundreds of books and magazines including Time Magazine, Christian Science Monitor, People Magazine, and the Reader’s Digest.

He is recognized by UNICEF as a Global Youth Leader and by CNN as a CNN Hero. The work of the Ryan’s Well Foundation has become the story of countless people, young and old, from around the world who reject apathy and realize that anyone – even children in grade one – can make a difference.

The Ryan’s Well Foundation is a Canadian charitable organization providing effective and sustainable solutions to the water crisis in the poorest regions in developing countries. Together with local partners, it provides access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene education in these regions.

In Ryan’s words; “We educate and motivate people to share our passion and contribute to achieving change in the world.”
Francis Kong
Inspirational Speaker & Author

Francis J. Kong is a well-respected speaker in the Philippines and has earned the distinction as one of the recipients for 2014 The Outstanding Filipino Awards. Francis is a businessman, a columnist, a broadcaster, a book author and an inspirational speaker.

As an entrepreneur, Francis is well versed in the field of manufacturing and retail. He founded a famous garment brand and ran it successfully for 17 years. He also ventured into retailing an Italian fashion brand and managed its marketing and operations for many years. Francis also formed Funworks Inc. and Success Options Inc. which started as a publishing firm and now offers training and development consultancy in business, work and life. He also co-founded Inspire, a leadership consultancy company.

As a business consultant, Francis sits as an adviser in some of the country’s top business corporations. As a personal coach, Francis has mentored many of the top business leaders in the country. As a broadcaster, Francis runs a radio program called Business Matters at DZFE-FM 98.7.

As a speaker and trainer, Francis gave an average of 300 talks at seminars and conferences both locally in the Philippines and abroad yearly. As a book author he has authored 18 books.

Francis won the Anvil Award for Excellence for the staging of the Dr. John Maxwell Seminar Series, Gold Quill Award for Best Public Speech category awarded by the International Association Business Communicators.

Francis has also completed the ‘Apologetics and Philosophy’ Course at Oxford University and the ‘Managing Yourself and Leading Others’ seminar in Harvard University's Continuous Education Program.
Simerjeet Singh
International Motivational Speaker & Performance Coach

Simerjeet Singh is a highly sought after International Motivational Speaker who coaches youth and students to tune into and celebrate their inner selves amidst the noise of public opinion. Over the last decade, he has partnered more than 200 organizations worldwide to help them reach the next level of success.

His mission is to help young minds define their own understanding of success and to celebrate their inner selves. His talks and interactive sessions provide a fresh perspective of the purpose of life, cultivated through more than a decade of working with businesses, educational institutes and non-profit organizations globally.

Simerjeet’s background is unconventional, as is his approach. He believes it is the unconventional wisdom that will speak to youth the most. He chose to leave a successful career in the hospitality industry to pursue his dream. In sharing what he’s learned from his experience, he inspires students and youth to harness their own power to pursue their dream.

For him, it comes down to a core belief that for all people, in all places - we have more inside us than we are currently using. Simerjeet’s purpose is to help his audience first identify what their strengths are and to ignite their motivation, enabling them to harness the power of these strengths to achieve success.
Grace Li
CEO and Founder, We Care Act
United States of America

After seeing the devastating footage of the Sichuan earthquake on television in May 2008, Grace, then a 12 year old elementary student, decided to do something for the victims. She began printing newsletters and going door-to-door to collect donations for the victims of the earthquake. Grace also got permission from the local Red Cross to allow her to place donation tins at three schools managed by the Red Cross. Grace was so committed to the cause that she stationed herself at community centres, to collect more donations. Within a few months of her efforts, she raised over US$6,000 for the victims.

At the end of summer 2008, her family arranged for her to make a trip to Sichuan, where she met some of the earthquake victims of her own age. Her experience in Sichuan impacted her deeply and Grace believes she should do more to help. Thus, upon her return, Grace set up the “We Care Act” organisation to provide support for the victims of the earthquake.

Over the years, Grace has raised more than $240,000 and helped more than 40,000 people in 17 natural disaster areas. For her work, Grace was recognised by the America Youth Service, as one of the 25 Most Powerful and Influential Young People in the World, receiving also the U.S. President's Volunteer Service Award. She has spoken at the U.S. Summit for Global Citizen Diplomacy and the Youth Service Institute Annual Conference, and was a guest blogger on the White House website.

Currently, Grace is a senior at Duke University, where she studies biology, after which she will spend two years in New York City working for Teach for America before going to medical school. She is passionate about education, disaster relief, and youth engagement for positive change.
Rachel Sumekh
Founder, Swipe Out Hunger
United States of America

While only 18 years old, Rachel Sumekh, a former student from University of California, Los Angeles, noticed there were many homeless people living on the streets. Concerned for their hunger and plight, Rachel and two college friends came together and brainstorm for ideas to help alleviate the susceptibility of the homeless population in the neighbourhood.

One idea was to encourage students with unused meal plans, which would otherwise go to waste, to donate them to the homeless at the end of each semester. Rachel and her friends would collect and donate them to residents in the homeless shelters as well as the homeless living on the streets. Many other initiatives, targeting food wastage in the residential dining halls, fast-food eateries on campus, and community businesses, were started to salvage food for those less fortunate on a daily basis.

Thus, Swipes, a volunteer project was established in the University of California, Los Angeles. It hopes not only to feed the homeless, but also to educate the students on campus about homelessness and hunger problems in Los Angeles, and what they can do to help.

Swipe Out Hunger, which began as a college volunteer project, has served 1.2 million meals to the homeless and Rachel, the founder of the organization, was called a Champion of Change by The White House. Swipe Out Hunger has been highlighted by The New York Times, Forbes and others, all before Rachel turned 25 years old.

Before joining Swipe Out Hunger full-time, Rachel followed her millennial urge to change the world and to serve those in poverty as a case manager in Chicago. She is a graduate of UCLA and a millennial Change-Maker.